Wendy Fraser, PhD


Wendy Fraser, PhD brings a unique blend of practical models and creative energy to help groups leverage their talents and achieving their missions.

She excels at understanding team dynamics and organization development and can deliver programs with results.  Wendy designs efforts that look systemically at operational efficiency and integrates the developmental needs of leaders and people working inside that organization.

Wendy’s twenty years of organization development experience is extensive. She provides leadership and coaching to executive and senior leaders in strategic planning, change management, Baldrige principles, leadership development, quality improvement (LEAN/Six Sigma), customer service, organization design, and employee engagement practices. Wendy also consults and coaches leaders in the design and implementation efforts of effective performance management programs and overall organization development practices. She is also a highly-sought after choice for complex facilitation needs with multiple stakeholder involvement.

She worked for the State of Washington for eighteen years and continues to serve as an external consultant to dozens of state agencies, boards, the legislature, and courts. Wendy has worked with public sector clients in Illinois, Utah, South Dakota, and Alabama. and has not-for-profit international clients in Canada and Caribbean island nations.

Wendy has also helped leaders in business, education, and other industries. Her keen organization development, strategy, and people skills transcend whatever industry her clients come from and she delivers exceptional results.


When Wendy was hired at the Washington State Department of Revenue in 1997 there were three active quality teams and minimal employee engagement efforts.  When she was selected for the 2004 Governor’s Distinguished Managers Award – Sustaining Leader, there are dozens of improvement efforts alive in the agency and the results were outstanding. Between 1997 and 2004, the Department of Revenue documented over $58 million of additional revenue to the state, saved nearly 150,000 staff hours, saved $1 million of agency funds, and generated $4.2 million for other businesses, citizens and government agencies.

Wendy specifically built the infrastructure and capacity for the agency to achieve these results. She is behind many of the results, coaching the teams to delve deeper into their systems and processes.


As a continuous learner, Wendy earned her doctorate in 2010 at Fielding Graduate University in Human and Organizational Systems researching trust repair in groups.  She also holds three masters degrees: Human and Organization Development (MA, Fielding, 2008), Organizational Leadership (MA, Chapman University, 1996), and Human Resource Management (MS, Chapman University, 1994).

Wendy also likes to teach and facilitate learning with others and has served as faculty in both the Washington Certified Public Manager’s Program and Chapman University’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program. She has currently been invited to join the faculty with the University of Washington – Tacoma, Key Bank Development Program’s Black Belt-Six Sigma/LEAN program.

Holding an avid desire to support the younger generations, she also works with high school and college students in developing their leadership capacity through two international leadership programs.

Wendy lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband and two children.  She is an active volunteer in the schools, community service organizations, and is a board member of the Creative Theater Experience for children.


How I work – Each engagement is customized and results-oriented:

  • Listen – I truly tune into what you are saying both verbally and non-verbally about what is needed and if this consulting arrangement is right for both of us.
  • Assess – I use several approaches and tools to discover and affirm what works in an organization and leverage it to achieve results.
  • Intent – It is important to me to work with clients who are intentional about the work we decide to do together. If clients want to improve and are willing to work hard, I am ready to join them in this journey toward being a healthy and thriving organization.
  • Involve – Involve those who will be impacted by the decision in creative and meaningful ways
  • Foster – Together, we need to foster an environment so that learning and skill building among people will improve your organizational capacity. It is about building capacity in you – not dependence on myself or any other consultant.
  • Safety – I offer a safe place to explore what you need to improve and help guide meaningful conversations or organizational development approaches to improve the overall health of your organization.
  • Create – I co-design options with you to create a more desirable future for your organization.
  • Have fun – My style brings levity when it’s appropriate. I engage in a way that is both strategic – yet light-hearted. I love being in service of something meaningful while enjoying a robust sense of humor!

What’s different about me:

  • Empathetic – meet the clients where they are at – offer encouragement and support to move forward.
  • Design – I am very creative and tailor each client experience to uniquely meet your needs.
  • Scholarly approach – I have access to research and support options with evidence and sound research.
  • Fun – not so serious – I provide a sense of levity and playfulness.
  • Willing to do things not done before – challenge paradigms, stretch, explore, learn.
  • Process oriented – constantly evaluating what is currently happening with what the desired vision is to get the best results.
  • Unique ability to grasp theory and bridge it into practice – I can translate these theories and models so they can be used by all kinds of organizations in a meaningful way.
  • Presence – I have a presence that manages large and small groups well.
  • Intuitive – I am very good at reading “between the lines” and can engage with people at real levels.