Welcome to Fraser Consulting

Intention. There is amazing power when you put your mind and collective efforts toward something. Now imagine your group or organization operating at their peak and realizing the potential of your mission. These two factors: intention and capability are two ways in which we partner with leaders to make a difference in your organization. We assist you in imagining the possibilities of what you can transform into and then intentionally design strategies to get you there while tapping into your collective wisdom and organizational talent.

We build strong, trusting relationships with clients by delivering exceptional consulting services. Through facilitating open and constructive dialogue, we help clarify the issues and develop creative and practical options for dealing with them. We customize each engagement to ensure our service will not only meet, but exceed the your expectations. You can count on that!


What do we deeply care about?

Short answer - group and organizational health. We are the right strategic consulting partner if you:

  • Belong to an organization that is intentional about improvement beyond the superficial level.

  • Believe that within your organization there exists collective wisdom and talents - that we can capitalize upon and add both complimentary and new approaches to broaden your performance and achieve your desired results.

We offer a range of services including:

How we work?

Each engagement is customized and results-driven

What is unique about us?

NEWS: I am in the process of writing two books.

One book describes the important findings from my doctoral dissertation research on trust repair in groups. While there is no recipe for repair, there were some clear strategies that the groups who repaired trust used. I am excited to share this work with you in the future.

The second book in progress is about my resilient mother’s ten-year experience with Stage 4 colon cancer and our family’s journey with her. It is a powerful story of hope that is both tender and voices the difficulties of supporting loved ones going through a major illness.